Kriyacharya Bill Meditation Teacher

Eastern Spiritual Teachings

I was born into a family that was following the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda in 1946. It was a part of my life from my beginning days. I was meditating at 2/3 years of age and have been doing so for over 7 decades of my life.

I have belonged to the Self-Realization Fellowship for over 70 years. I have always felt drawn to go India. However, it was not until my last decade that I was able to go looking to find a true living master. One who I could mirror my emotions and life against for guidance and direction. I was not abandoning Yoganada, but this was more like adding another root to my spiritual tree for a stronger foundation. When I met this master he said he loved Yogananda too, and that I was not to give that relationship up.

I went to India in 2004, and 2009. and again in 2010, and 2011 looking for that living master on some mountain top waiting for me . But in a strange twist of fate, I found this master in Berkeley, California on a speaking tour from India in the summer of 2008.

In some very mysterious, even supernatural occurrences, I was accepted into this master's life. His name is Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath. In short order, he promoted me to teacher and an administrator within his organization. My job was as a "Facilitator " to help with personal problems that some followers had in their own lives from time to time. I was also authorized to teach higher forms of meditation techniques. 

In my newest memoir "Alchemy of a Warrior's Heart", I share how I met him and our relationship over the years. I also have a video in which I explain how I was drawn into his path. 

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Helping to Spread Kriya Yoga

I have always been looking for postive ways to love and serve on a spiritual level. I have found that teaching others about Babaji and Kriya Yoga is a way to help spread love and peace by giving others a key to their own spiritual evolution.

Self-Realization Fellowship does just that, as does Yogiraj's teachings through his own organization. They are both sharing the same message, from the same source, from the same lineage of masters. There are others out there as well, doing this same service for mankind.

In 2009 & 2010 I (along with several other devoted followers) helped work on Yogiraji's instant spiritual classic book "BABAJI: The Lighting Standing Still". We did not create any content but did the typing and editing and became a listening post as he dictated this book as it came to him. It is the most definitive work about the great avatar Babaji, ever undertaken.

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Videos About Babaji and India


Video: "Earth Peace Through Self Peace"

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Every morning I am born anew. There is love in my heart, and wisdom is radiating from my mind. I bow to the in dwelling Spirit residing in all of us. That at the level of consciousness, humanity is one.  I am Spirit, I am Truth, I am Love Divine, this Body, Mind a Dream of Mine. The only purpose of man's sojourn on this Earth is to seek God, all other things are secondary details. This is pure spirituality.  If Earth Peace is to happen on Earth, let us realize that Humanity is our uniting Religion, Breath our uniting Prayer, and Consciousness our uniting  God.

Babaji Appears to Heal Me from a Blazing Orb! My Guru Verifies What I Saw.

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A true life experience of dealing with major skin cancer surgery, overcoming great pain, and a visitation from the great avatar Babaji - twice! Then a verification of what happened from my guru in front of a group of 9 friends at a wedding.  This details my healing from major surgery to my face and nose. An inspiring account of the unexplainable healing process that Rev. Bill experienced.

Babaji Appears at my Hospital Bedside: Witness verifies later on.

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After having a major heart attack in Mumbia, India in 2011 and coming back home to California for heart surgery - I had a hospital visitation from BABAJI, as predicted in a 2010 Naadi Palm Reading.   This healing and comforting blessing at my hospital bedside, was witnessed and confirmed later on by another person.   *This is the same Babaji that is described in the classic spiritual book "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Babaji Materializes at the Ashram

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In 2010 I had challenged the universe and the Divine by starting at the ashrams sacred fire that nothing could ever frighten me - I was about to learn a huge lesson that night.   In a not so secret meeting with a materialized Babaji, I learned the cost of making that strong for certain challenge. Then I am exposed by Gurunath in front of those attending his ashram camp. A moving and inspirational and yes - even humorous encounter with the great Avatar.

Vision of Sri Yukteswar at Ashram - Witnesses verify what I was seeing

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In 2011 after experiencing a major heart attack in Mumbia, India I had a real life vision of the yogi master Sri Yukteswar at an ashram outside of Pune.  It was not only seen by myself but witnessed by others. (Witnessed by Brian Yosowitz who lives in southern California and a guy from Texas Mark Griffin)   A blissful encounter with a great master and I was given validation of what I was seeing and experiencing. It was not some delusion caused from my heart attack or illness.   Sri Yukteswar  was the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda who wrote the spiritual classic book on yoga in 1946 - "Autobiography of a Yogi".

Naadi Palm Reading: How it works and what happens. Prophecies & Spiritual Insights

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In 2010 when I was staying at an ashram outside of Pune, India, I was ordered to go get my Naadi Palm Reading done. I did not believe in them at all and reluctantly went. In this video I explain the process of getting a NAADI PALM READING done and what to expect if you should get your own.   Naadi Palm readings contain information that was channeled by holy men and passed down from 2,500 to 5,000 years ago. There are leaves written for people being born up to the year 2050 - but as far as I know there are none after that date.  I was going to make a follow up video with my predictions but realized that they are mostly personal and deal with my life and family and even my own death. Decided not to share all of that - at least not publicly.   The place where I had my reading done moved locations in 2010 - they are still in Pune. Here is the old information:  Guruji V.V. Shanmugam Chief Naadi Astrolger  Shri Avasthiya Mahasiva Sukshama Naadi Jothida Nillayam  The Naadi Reader was C.R. Palani


Telekinesis: Opening a locked door with my mind

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In India, in the spring of 2010, at an ashram just outside of Pune, I was able to demonstrate the power of the mind by unlocking a bolted door using my mind. This was witnessed by over half a dozen people at the time. A true story about telekinesis - the moving of objects using the mind.  In this case, the by focusing my my thoughts and using visualization I was able to have a steel bolt move and unlatch the door. This is an accounting of how that was done.

Jesus Appears to About a Dozen People - Easter week in India 2010

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In 2010 just outside of Pune, India, at a ashram, a group of Americans and Germans had personal encounters and visions of Jesus Christ. This took place during Easter week - from "Good Friday" through to "Easter Sunday". This is a personal accounting of what happened that week. There is no explanation for this other then what I offer in this brief story.

Mysterious Cobra Encounter at the Temple - India 2004

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A trip to a hidden valley temple to meet a guru includes an encounter with cobra snakes. Rev. Bill allows one to wrap around his neck and give him butterfly kisses on this eyelash. A mystical encounter that was more then just what it seemed.

Dead Man Saved by Prayers? On Highway Near the Ganges River

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Coming back down from the Himalayan Mountains, Rev, Bill was trying to rush back to Delhi and get regrouped for his continued journey in India in 2004. They were approaching the Ganges River when all of the traffic came to a complete standstill. Nothing was moving and they sat there in the car. People stopping to collect water from the sacred river created the traffic jam.   A traffic accident forces Rev. Bill to make some "life and death" decisions. A old man laid dead on the ground - and yet, through prayers, he comes back to life. He also faces a mob of angry people trying to beat up or kill the driver of a bus that "killed this old man" on the ground. Rev. Bill decided to save the bus driver and has to be stopped and pulled back from stopping the mob.


Yogi Disappears - Avoids Being Killed by Our Car in India

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One of our first nights driving around India took us north towards Pakistan. We were on our way to visit the Golden Temple. and were driving rather fast because it was getting late in the night.   A older short heavy set yogi appears directly in front of our moving car  - without any way to avoid the car running him over. As we are about to run him over he disappears and reappears directly behind our moving car. It all happened like time stood still.

Reincarnation? A Mysterious Encounter at a Jain Temple with a Monk

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Rev. Bill McDonald has a mysterious meeting with a senior monk at a desert Jain Temple in India. He is taken to this isolated location by his hired driver on an unplanned journey.   The monk embraces Rev. Bill and declares that they are brothers and that he has been waiting decades for his return to "his temple". He states that this was indeed Rev. Bill's temple.   This story may give pause to the possibility that this is a case of reincarnation.

An Encounter with Nath Yogis in The Himalayan Mountains

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The old question one always wants to ask of a holy man on some mountain top - "What is the most important thing in life?". I found an old dirty yogi sitting with a bunch of his followers near a temple where he was smoking dope. Not someone I wanted to ask advice of nor that I even respected.   I had thought, up until this encounter, that I could judge who was a spiritual person. I had this idea of what a real guru would look like and sound like and even act like. This man was none of above. What happened with this group of Nath yogis blew my mind and got me rethinking my narrow point of view.   This is a story of a trip to India in 2004 with a good friend. We were both in search of life meaning - both of us were Vietnam War veterans.