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Top 10 Impressive People


I have been a therapist for nearly 40 years. I have also worked hand in hand with NDE Pioneer and Vice-President of the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS), Ret Army COL Dr. Diane Corcoran, Ph.d, RN with the Vets’ NDE Project for years.  Rev. Bill McDonald is one of “The Top 10 Impressive People” I have met; because he’s dedicated to the highest principals and he truly, truly lives them.

He is a Spiritual Warrior, and trust me, there’s not a drop of exaggeration in that statement. Though he has authored many books, my two personal favorites are his autobiography, Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey, and Alchemy of a Warrior’s Heart. Like him, they are filled with impressive, soulful, impactful true-to-his-soul stories about his life, dysfunctional family, his military service, NDEs and incredible, incredible spiritual experiences. The examples of his spiritual tenacity throughout his books helped me heal “inner” wounds I thought were closed. His books are life-changing. I would highly recommend them to everyone, not just warriors. Lilia S.



A Rare and Gifted Soul's Great Journey
Robert E. Goswitz
Scientists tell us that 95% of the stuff that makes up the structure of the universe is invisible. This invisible material is referred to as dark energy or dark matter. If we accept this dark energy theory, it could be argued that our so-called grasp of reality rests on incomplete information.
We are surrounded by darkness. Does the dark energy around us ever become observable? Are there those among us who can see into the dark matter permeating the cosmos? Could human consciousness be stretched to perceive disturbances in other dimensions or receive signals from the future or the past?
A receiver of such information might be viewed as a charlatan or crazy, especially if they used their powers for selfish or malicious purposes.
But, what if there was a receiver among us who used his intuitive abilities as a foundation for a spiritual voyage that touched hundreds of hearts around the world?
You can meet such a person by reading, “Warrior, A Spiritual Odyssey,” the autobiography of the Reverend Bill McDonald.
It’s the story of how a man uses the invisible powers of intuition, premonition, telepathy, and mind travel combined with faith, patience, tolerance and inner strength to create a life’s journey that goes beyond the boundaries of normal human perception for the benefit of all who know him, in war and peace, with loved ones and strangers.


Life Changing

From Joe Johnson on "Alchemy of a Warrior's Heart"

"This is probably one of my favorite spiritual reads of all time. This book has made me feel a rollercoaster of emotions, and has also made me cry and laugh. Most importantly what i learned from this book is that love is very important, and also to have courage and stay positive through all my challenges in life."

What an Interesting life!

John House - on "Alchemy of a Warrior's Heart".

You can't read this book without experiencing envy over the life this author led. It has it all. Deep felt love, sorrow, pain that no one would want to bear and a closeness to a higher power we all seek. The author poured his heart and soul into his novel from which the rest of us can learn safely in our cozy spot at home. Thank you, "Rev. Bill"


Maureen on "Alchemy of a Warrior's Heart"
This book is written by the most engaging storyteller ever! Rich with REAL mystical stories ! This book has universal appeal for all readers who love supernatural adventures with personal meaning for any reader . Suspenseful and Spiritual, this book wraps around hearts ! Check out his videos on line too.


Mallikarjun Tallavajjula - on "Alchemy of a Warrior's Heart"
Just be open and read this book, I promise Bills story will make you truly tread the path to the Highest!!!

Stories that brighten the soul

Richard on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"

I want to recommend this book to all my family, friends, and strangers alike. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm well on my way.

Rev. Bill McDonald has been a friend of mine for about 6 years now. We met at a Yoga retreat outside of Los Angeles back in 2009. It's also where I first met my kriya yoga guru, Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath. I could immediately tell that there was something special about Bill. He's one of those people that enrich your life simply by knowing him.

He just published his book called Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey. It's a book of stories about events in his life. I received my copy last week but didn't get a chance to start reading it until late last night. I like to read before going to bed, so I picked up his book and was immediately drawn in to his stories. Starting this book right before going to sleep was not a good idea. For those that read the book, you'll know what I mean when you read the first few stories.

 I had only planned to read the first few stories, but I had to keep reading because I needed to calm my nerves and because the book is so captivating. There's no way I could have slept if I had stopped after the first few stories. Not only because they were slightly disturbing, but because they reminded me of experiences I had as a child. I had no idea that he had similar experiences with ghosts, hauntings, and "alien" lifeforms. 

It made me feel like my childhood experiences had been validated because the few people I've shared them with could not relate to what I was telling them. So I kept reading. The book only got more captivating. I ended up reading until about 5:30 in the morning before I could no longer keep my eyes open. My eyes burned from forcing them to stay open just long enough to digest the next story. If you like to read non-fiction and want to learn about a fascinating person, I highly recommend getting this book. I can say with complete confidence that you will enjoy this book and you will definitely get something out of it besides entertainment. Thanks, Bill for telling us about your fascinating life and for being a friend. I'm grateful for both.

All the while living the gifts of love and compassion in interacting with the world and the ...

Ratna Chandra on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"

“Journeying with Rev. Bill through the pages of his Life’s experiences - from childhood days of illnesses and suffering, neglect and darkness, abuse and loss; the supernatural, to the awakening of mystical abilities and jaunts across Hawaii and Europe, I was in awe.

From war in Vietnam and its horrors.. to marrying his high school sweetheart and raising a family, all the while living the gifts of love and compassion in interacting with the world and the endless layers of Life; Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey evokes a depth of response not ordinarily found in the everyday – making one re-examine their own life, choices and how they respond to events in the busy, modern world we live in today.

Rev. Bill displays the fascinating ability to inspire and motivate in the most challenging of times, even while he himself faced trials. He brings awareness to the plight returning soldiers faced in a failed war, and continues to work unceasingly on their behalf with a sensitivity that is heart-touching.
Revisiting old enemies, leaving as friends and finding peace is the hallmark and testament of a true Warrior, and none does it better than Rev. Bill McDonald, as is shown in this chronicle of Life. I highly recommend this book.”


Your Work with Veterans is well Appreciated by a Grateful Nation

Raymond L Ledesma on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
I have read your book and as a fellow author I thought your first person description of your life was very good. I felt as though I were living your story. Your childhood and relationship with your mom and dad happens too often and I can speak from experience. Your growing up and your spiritual experiences are very interesting and again I find them very similar to my younger days. It seems like your experiences in Hawaii and Europe travel down a similar path with my own. Such as Luxembourg, Paris and Italy. Your tour of duty in Vietnam was exemplary and you are very deserving of the combat medals that were awarded to you. As in your book you refer to two civilian contract workers “making the big bucks!”  - that be me, but I was there as a Department of Defense (1st Signal Brigade.) employee engineering communications facilities in support of our troops. Your experiences after Vietnam and your spiritual awaking is a tribute to you as well as your work with Vietnam veterans is well appreciated by a grateful nation. Again I will say it is a great read and I am looking forwarded to having lunch with you

A Heart Felt Story

AZHEALER - on "Warrior a Spiritual Oddssey"
I love to read about true life experiences and this book did not let me down. I had heard about this author from a friend yet I had no expectations on what I was about to experience in his sharing. The emotions experienced along with the constant goosebumps left me with a roller coaster of those emotions. A truly heartfelt book and author that I would be honored to meet someday.

Restock your Kleenex Box - Great reading Experience !

Michael D. Mullins on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
I know Bill. I know others have written wonderful reviews. You don't need mine. I will only say buy the damned book. Strap in for a roller-coaster ride of emotion and spiritual evolution. I'm chewing this one slowly because it's gut-wrenching in many ways. Excuse me now while I restock my Kleenex.

An Ultimate of Servitude: "Warrior, A Spiritual Odyssey".

Janice Hermerding on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
My heart went out to Rev. Bill as he related his experiences from childhood to his participation in the filming of "In the Shadow of the Blade". He had my heart in my throat as he vividly described situations in which most of us, I think, could not persevere. His writing ability to relate these experiences in such a realistic, humble, servitude manner for his comrades in arms is awesome; due to allocated space here credits due him are not possible here nor are his attributes. This is the joy of reading the "Odyssey"--a roller coaster of emotions for the reader in real time. Rev. Bill clearly exemplifies: Psalm 118, v.5, "I called upon the Lord in distress, the Lord answered me and set me in a large place". (Page 82) Thankfully so.

Credits also are due his wife, Carol, who allows her husband the opportunities to participate with others in support groups.

Through Rev. Bill's compassion for others he has posted on his old website for the Vietnam War & my own Vietnam experiences: "The Laughing Box"
and "Mystical Moment in the Rain". My gratitude to him and admiration for him has no bounds.


Awe Inspiriting

TN Mom on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
I thoroughly enjoyed the first-person glimpses into Rev. Bill's life. My heart cried through his neglected childhood and I was impressed with his maturity as he became a man. His spirituality runs deeper than most of us will ever know. He is an inspiration to all. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Enlightened Journey

gloria salzano on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
I got the book , Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey and couldn't put it down( I think it was a reading record for me)...only to compose myself and wipe away tears as I was uplifted and felt a healing within myself that was much needed but didn't realize. The way the book is written was so easy to flow through...the parallels were unexpected.......as if I was waiting for this moment to happen. I am beyond words and gratitude... thank you for sharing your amazing journey Bill.

You will be mesmerized.

G. Kraft on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
I could hardly take a break from reading this fascinating biography. What a life! And it's only part of what he has to say; a follow-up is coming out in 2016. I read the Kindle version and it's a bargain. I found it entertaining, eliciting many emotions. I look forward to the next book.

Remarkable man, remarkable book

Gayle Lynds on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
This is a remarkable book by a remarkable man. I didn't want to read it. I resisted. But eventually when I'd finished running through all the reasons I shouldn't read it (I've read this kind of book before; there's nothing new here; I try to live a mindful, spiritual life already), I picked it up and found myself so absorbed that I carried it with me until I'd finished.

From his dysfunctional childhood which included at least a year of being bed-ridden and an obsessive mother, to his years as a door gunner and crew chief on a Huey chopper in Vietnam (you don't want to think about how low the survival rate was for that job) and his years of marriage, fatherhood, and personal spiritual growth, Rev. Bill McDonald relates to us on a human level that enlightens and inspires. No guru on a pedestal here, but a man of true courage and belief.

When you finish Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey, your life will be richer, and your heart larger. I recommend this book highly.


C. Spencer on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
Read this book! What a life he has had. He is a fabulous father, and husband too!
Interesting book that is a fast read!

A great read. I enjoyed Bill ' s book very much.

Michael L. Mills on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life story with us. I've been reading your book for about 4 months now.I really remorse over finishing it. It has truly been among the best read I've had.

Mr. and Mrs Ponti

A Great Read - Enjoyed Bill's book VERY MUCH!

Turoturom on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
I loved this book. Rev. Bill McDonald has had an amazing life (so far). I discovered him when I bumped into this interview: http://youtu.be/iU9rzvTjFaI. The book has a lot of similar stories as in the interview. I definitely recommend this book!

When reaching for help and giving back come together...

Joyce Faulkner on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
This is a book about overcoming. Growing up in a family traumatized by war, divorce, illness and abuse, Bill McDonald developed his natural sensitivity to people, places, and spiritual communications that a more incredulous child would either not have needed or chose not to heed. The book is a chronological telling of Bill's life. We see him dealing with malignant forces in the house where his family lived when he was a young boy. We see his troubled relationship with his stepfather and the distance he feels from other people. We understand how imagination and mystical thinking comforted a child who spent many months in a hospital away from those he loved and the ones who loved him. We follow him to Vietnam where his intuition guided and protected him and his fellow soldiers. We accept that Bill's spirituality has enriched and supplemented his reality -- and the reader rejoices in Bill's many accomplishments. However, what comes through more than Bill's prescient experiences is how he uses those feelings to protect himself, his loved ones -- and to help his many friends and admirers.

Bill will tell you that he is a simple man. However, his story is complex and filled with challenges. What makes this book so compelling is that Bill used these challenges as stepping stones to the Almighty while respecting the many other paths that lead to the same place. His faith and his real life experiences are intertwined -- and they move the reader. I was especially touched by his tale of the glowing hot helicopter in Vietnam -- which Bill took as a warning -- rightly so as it turned out. I also saw how a little boy's isolation led to the man's intense need to reach out to others in warm fellowship.

Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey is a spear to the heart of those of us who lived through the same times in similar circumstances -- however, Bill's tales of dreams and magic inspire a kind of generosity of spirit that elevates this book from other memoirs. It reminds us that reaching out to others is always a risk -- and always a blessing.

~ Joyce Faulkner, award-winning author and former President of Military Writers Society of America.

A loving human response to the audacity of dysfunction, war and poverty of soul.

Ron Camarda on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
This book is definitely a journey of the soul, both of Bill’s and of the reader, if one is open. Throughout the spiritual but earthly-grounded story of Bill’s life, one connects to that part of ourselves that we seldom consider and definitely cannot touch physically.

With regards to Bill’s family of origin, I could relate and compare. “You’re one very lucky kid. We should have both been killed back there; somebody upstairs must really love you!”

Hopefully all of us have ventured beyond the basic security of life after high school. The adventures of Bill throughout Europe colored by meditations in churches of all denominations rings strong with my own passage on merchant ships. “I took my own path (both metaphorically as well as physically) to explore a different route from the tour group.” I could say the exact thing when I was also 19 years old as I encountered South Africa during apartheid, Israel and many ports of call in 1979 and 1980.

There is something about Hawaii that is more powerful than a vacation. It is a place for the soul to be nurtured, developed and pruned. I sense that Bill invites us to explore the “dark side” as part of a balance, like night and day. As horrific as the year in Vietnam was for Bill, the response of his family and friends was the true heart breaker. Enemies cannot inflict bombs of the soul; only family and friends can venture to those depths of betrayal. Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey is expertly crafted to insist on hope after an integrated healing.

“But those Nam stains go so very deep into the soul.”

When Bill wrote, “I felt emotionally orphaned and alone” while his mother still lived, it exposed my own reality. Psychologically we can reason that our parents did the best they could and that they were for the most part just anxious and still smarting from their own dysfunctional child rearing. But that doesn’t always help when we are in the intensity of the brutal force of the negative breath that preys on our learned, reactive and patterned behaviors. Ever notice how dogs tend to mimic traits of their masters and families?

I have been exposed to what Bill calls “being very much alone” just before his flight home from the Nam. This residue lingers more persistently than agent orange. At one point in reading Bill’s story, I had to write in my sacred journal the following:

I just finished reading Bill McDonald’s account of returning from Vietnam.
“There was no reception except a cold and despicable reception.”
If I had come back from Iraq with this type of reception, I don’t think I would have survived.
I may have given up on humanity.
I would have suspected even genuine love.
This is probably one of the keys to the recent spike in suicide among combat veterans.
Combining war experiences both of the Middle East and within families/society… they feel all alone in their thoughts and bankruptcy of soul.
There were, however, some similarities for me.
In some ways, the same self-righteous coldness seeps in after returning 10 years ago.
Sure we say, “Welcome home hero, heroine.”
But the people saying it often fail to reflect on how they, we, profit from the war.

The military industrial complex has duped a nation.
We “fight” about prayer in school, flags of racism, In God we Trust, and one splintered nation under God.
In many ways, we are simply reacting like reptiles and mistreated animals.
There is an isolation and loneliness even within my community of faith.
My boredom and desire for more casualties during the Battle for Fallujah
is just a small tip of the iceberg of my global warming soulful dilemma.
Yes my holy card on my ordination states:
We are called to act with justice
To love tenderly
To serve one another
And walk humbly with God.
But there are times still
When I don’t act with justice… or even care
My love is not always tender
And my service is tainted with self-serving desperation for security and affirmation.
And then, it is difficult to walk humbly with God when I feel duped, used, underappreciated.
Thank God, not often… but it is still there.
O Jesus- forgive them for they know not what they do… or do they?
That is the scary abyss
Do they know…
And still choose to be mean?

Bill offers practical suggestions for living like Mission Accomplished. He really challenges us to a Mission Possible. We can visualize winning if we see it, believe it and enjoy it. Otherwise, we lose.

Bill, like a guru, encourages the reader to observe the ordinary spiritual experiences of life, but to then wrestle with the extraordinary mysticism of daily living. He takes us beyond the surface of scuba diving and into the narcosis of Divine Depths.

Warrior is more than a book, memoir or story. It is a loving human response to the audacity of dysfunction, war and poverty of soul. Reverend Bill’s book invites, if not requires, a response to our own truth… even if buried in the dirt of hatred and despair.

There is hope if we open our eyes, whoop-whoop ears, and hearts. Well done good and faithful servant. Welcome Home to a place far above the highest mountain and below the deepest ocean depth.

Deep is calling on deep,
in the roar of waters:
your torrents and all your waves
swept over me.

By day the Beloved will send
loving kindness;
by night I will sing to my Beloved,
praise the God of my life.

Why are you cast down, my soul,
why groan within me?
Hope in God; I will praise the Beloved still,
my savior and my God.
(Psalm 42 meditative extracts)

A must-read for all of us who struggle to lead our lives with positive energy

Kala Ranganathan on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
This is a story of a person whose childhood was filled with more pain and rejection than most of us know in a lifetime. A cold mother, an abusive stepfather gave him a childhood and an adulthood that no one should endure. He was left in a hospital for a year as a child with no books or toys or visitors. All this should have turned him into a dangerous, angry adult. And yet, there is not an iota of anger or resentment in him - only love and a desire to help anyone who crosses his path. This is what I find most remarkable - the humanity that defines this man. 

Yes, he has psychic abilities that became evident in Vietnam as he could sense who would die in combat. Yes, he had many mystical experiences with holy men in India that boggle the mind. And yet, none of this stuns me as much as the way he dealt with his life. That is the true sign of a successful human being, dealing with great adversity with love, without the help of mentors and role models. Where did this divine grace come from? He has much to teach us about living one's life with grace and love. This is a must-read for people who are struggling with their past and cannot get over negative energy.
Amazing grace summarizes the book.


john herlosky on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
Most people seem to go through life in quiet desperation. They try and fill the hole in their souls with drugs or sex or any number of distractions, always in search for what is missing in their lives. A few are fortunate enough to lead extraordinary lives filled with wonder and mystery.

Rev. Bill McDonald is one of those fortunate souls. His life was blessed with adventure and mystery. From the supernatural events of his childhood to the excitement and terror of Vietnam as a soldier, his experiences are riveting. Although not all of his life was a positive influence, his childhood with an abusive father and an emotionally distant mother would have been enough to socially stunt even the strongest of egos, Bill's unwavering faith never faltered.
Warrior is the autobiographical account of his life from his childhood through the crucible of Vietnam and the aftermath of a veteran trying to re-integrate into a society that did not understand him.

Filled with vignettes of his experiences, his stories are filled with wonder and inspiration, Warrior is food for the soul. For those who are missing that spiritual element in their life, whose souls thirst for succor, Bill's book will offer a new perspective, a path for those to find enlightenment and fulfillment.

"Warrior" is appropriately named to describe this excellent memoir of a remarkably life Lived!

Bill Norris,  on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"

Warrior is appropriately named to describe this excellent memoir of a remarkably lived life. The selfless experiences described during the author’s tour of duty in Vietnam were exemplary of so many of our under-recognized heroes from that era. Yet Bill McDonald continued to serve others long after his military commitment ended helping so many who had been so severely affected by the war and its after affects. The marching bands did not play; the ticker tape did not fly. Bill continued to carry the banner for all of us.

The life lessons he learned and passes on through his actions and writings demonstrate his depth of integrity and caring for his fellow man. He could easily have become a pariah, a loveless loner cast aside by those who were supposed to care. His amazing ability to learn from the failings of a dysfunctional family and turn negative circumstances positive for others gives testimony to his strength of character and credibility to his extrasensory capabilities. His continued support of his family long after they had proved themselves non-deserving was more than could be expected from any normal person. That is part of what makes him so extraordinary. Bill proved himself a true warrior not just in war but in combating the forces of evil surrounding him in everyday life.

I put off other things I was supposed to be doing so I could continue reading once I started. I read it straight through in two days. I felt enriched and blessed for having the opportunity to share his story. Like most people I think, I recognized many parallels in my life to experiences and difficulties that Bill so honestly and willingly describes. I finally laid the book aside feeling uplifted and rewarded for having read it. I just wish I could have gone along for the remarkable Huey adventure and been a participant IN THE SHADOW OF THE BLADE.


Enormously Inspirational

Nancy Clark, best-selling author; on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey

This book chronicles the incredible journey that helped Rev. Bill McDonald to understand the meaning of life. His writing evokes compassion as he shares the overwhelming odds he faced to find his purpose in life. Coming from a dysfunctional family, his war injuries suffered during the horrors he experienced in the Vietnam War, and his development of supernatural abilities were all pathways home to his truest self. I felt privileged to be in the midst of his scenes, fortunate to be along for an incredible, miraculous ride. I recommend Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey very highly!

A telling of a life anyone will love!

CarDan On "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
My wife, mother-in-law and I have all read this book and loved it. I don't think you have to be a particular person in a particular demographic to be awed and inspired by this phenomenal autobiography. I plan to read these stories periodically because they strike such a cord and different stories seem like they will help me at different times in my life. Like right now, his adventures in Europe are inspiring my wife and I to take short holidays to beautiful places around where we live. Thank you Rev. Bill! I can't wait to share these stories with my son as he grows up!

Fighting For The LIGHT!

Michelle Rosenaur (rosenaur@rosenaur.com) on "Warrior a Spiritual Odyssey"
For me, reading about Rev. Bill's childhood was difficult, especially the part about his violent, alcoholic stepfather.

Next I read about his service in the Viet Nam War and became enmeshed in Rev. Bill's tales of the horror and insanity of war. But war also can bring out courage and valor in a soldier, as it did for Rev. Bill, resulting in him being awarded many medals. To me, the book really takes off at the end where he returns to Viet Nam as a member of a Peace Patrol many years after the conflict has ended.

This is the story of a man who, despite facing extremely difficult circumstances, has the inner strength, compassion and faith, to carry himself toward the light.