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Rev. Bill has a You Tube Video Channel that you can click onto at the bottom of each page if you wish to find the complete listing of his videos. However, I felt that for some people they were only interested in certain types of my personal stories, so I have broken them down into various sections on my website. This section contains what could be referred to as "Chicken Soup of the Soul" kind of videos.

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If you are looking for my stories from India and Vietnam they are in different sections of this website.  Clicking below will take you to those about my trips to India and about Babaji.

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Sometimes things happen that go well beyond "chance" or

Synchronicity, Coincidence or something else? On the Anniversary of Her Son's Death.
Sometimes things happen that go well beyond "chance" or it being another just a "coincidence"- such is the case of these events on the exact date and place of a friend's son Scott's death.   This true life experience took place in May of 2018 in Elk Grove  near the next to last stage of Tour of California. A sad day was turned into a day of loving hope that LOVE NEVER DIES!

Saving a 17 year old boy from death. The POWER OF PRAYING!
A personal story of the power of prayers as told by Rev. Bill McDonald. A dead 17 year old boy laying on the river banks of the American River in California was brought back to life by both action and prayers! A lesson to be learned from young people. 

"Amazing Grace" A True Miracle Story
I talk about a true experience connected to the song "Amazing Grace" and how it connected with and changed my life and that of my daughter. From my book: "Warrior A Spiritual Odyssey"

The Devil vs My Guardian Angel? A True Life Experience.

Rev. Bill tells a story of how he was attacked in a church by a crazy man intent on killing or badly injuring him. The man has encounter with could have been a guardian angel. A short story of a great faith and trust in God and prayers.

Empathetic Feeling of Death by Suffocation as an Unknown Man was Dying Unbeknownst to Me.
Taken from Rev. Bill's autobiography "Warrior A Spiritual Odyssey". He tells of his experience delivering mail for the USPS in San Jose. He took on the pain and suffering of a dying man and did not know what was going on until late that evening. An odd story w

JFK Assassination: My visions and prediction at age 17
Rev. Bill had a series of dreams in black and white over the course of several weeks that showed President John Kennedy getting shot and killed in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. He was in high school in his senior year at the time of these visions.  He upset some classmates by telling them about it in advance.   In his visions he saw things a little different then the government investigations would later report. He saw more then one assassin. One of them was on the so called "grassy knoll". So the real issue is who was right - his vision before the event took place or the government investigators. Did he get it wrong or was their a cover up of real events?


Entertaining a stranger or an angel? Hebrews 13.2
This life story deals with a passage from the Bible  HEBREWS 13:2 "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unaware."   Rev. Bill's picking up a hitchhiker in 1991 has given greater meaning to this Bible verse on a personal level. The story deals with the issue of listening to one's inner voice and showing compassion and love to strangers. Who was this mysterious young man - could have been an angel unawares?

Ronald Reagan's Assassination Attempt - My Prior Vision and Prediction
Rev. Bill made this video to clear up the mistaken belief that all of his predictions are 100% correct. In this case - he had predicted the assassination of President Ronal Reagan. He made these predictions months before and even knew it would be coming in March or very early April - it happened on March 30, 1981. However, he was correct about other men being shot and falling down on the sidewalk and even about the President being rushed into his bullet proof car, and right about him being shot in the chest - and even right about the number of rounds that were fired. he even said that a young crazy guy would rush up close to him and shot him with a pistol.   What he got wrong was that the President did not die as a result of his chest wound and survived. This is aa case of seeing all the right future images but putting it together wrong based on political and emotional thinking. 

My "Cat Angel" encounter. My dead cat comes to visit me.
Rev. Bill talks about his wonderful relationship with cat. he goes on about how it got killed and then gave him a visit as a CAT ANGEL!

A Disappearing RV: An Fatal Accident that was mysteriously avoided.
This is a true life experience that happened to Rev. Bill before he retired from the USPS. He was working as a Safety Manager and went to the small town of Modesto, California to investigate an accident with another safety specialist. What happened to them that afternoon cannot be explained by any measure of reason. They both became witness to a non-accident that should have happened and should have killed or injured them both. Was this a case of  a last moment's silent prayer to God or was it something else?

Fire-walker saved by a Guardian Angel? I catch on fire and become a human torch.
At the age of 5 years old Rev. Bill thought he could walk through fire. he proceeded to walk through a trash fire and caught himself fully on fire. He was saved through the intervention of a stranger - a women no one knew or had seen in the neighborhood before or sense. Was this another case of a guardian angel looking after him? A simple but powerful story from his younger life.

My Mother and I Hear Angels Singing!
This is an accounting of when I was a child of an event that took place with my mother and I in 1956. I was 10 years of age. Did we hear the angels singing? How did I heal my dog?


Premonition of Death preceded a heart attack and death of Postmaster
Rev. Bill McDonald talks about a premonition of the death of a fellow manager who focused his life on making money and becoming sucessful at work at all costs. Rev. Bill discusses the purpose of life using this story to make his points.

Asleep at the Wheel - Mysteriously surviving 100 MPH Detour off the highway
While hitch hiking across country from California to New York City Rev. Bill gets picked up and asked to drive the car. He was sleep deprived - having been almost a week on the road thumbing his way to New York and he was exhausted and cold.   He falls a sleep while driving and the car goes off the highway at a high rate of speed into the surrounding forest. The vehicle spins and turns and twists its way in the darkness.   The car ends up in the middle of the woods - without any damage or injuries. This story details that experience and his thoughts on it. Was he protected by angels or unseen forces?

Warning of Danger Ignored by Teenage Daughter - Premonitions!
When Rev. Bill's daughter was in high school she ignored his warning about going to a certain 

Angel visitors? My daughter and I witness something special.
Rev. Bill McDonald and his daughter have an encounter - was it angels? This story talks about the building of his new meditation & prayer room in the attic above the garage and his instance that "if they build it they will come!"

Buddhist Monks Display Power of Love and Peace: Insane woman attacks their artwork
In the early 1990's at an art museum in San Francisco, Rev. Bill meets several Buddhist monks. They were creating a beautiful, sacred symbol of peace and compassion out of sand. He flashes back on a previous night's dream showing a mad woman attacking them and the artwork and destroying it. Nothing happens at first, but the next morning in the newspaper and on the TV news, there is a story about an insane woman who has a break down and jumps onto the wooden platform where the monks were building their artwork with sand. She kicks and destroys all of their work.   The news stories went on about how calm and loving the monks had been. They made no efforts to stop her physically and actually blessed her after she was arrested. Their actions painted a much greater picture of love and compassion at work then their sand artwork could have ever done!"

Out-of-Body-Experience Witnessed by Wife
Rev. Bill had an unusual out-of-body-experience that was witnessed by his wife. Was it a shared dream or shared reality?


Going Postal ! Supervisor killed - Had Premonition!
There was a killing of a supervisor in the Sacramento Mail Processing Plant at Royal Oaks when Rev. Bill was working for the USPS. He spent the last couple of weeks of this supervisor's life with him sharing a  hotel room in Los Angeles for training. They were together in classes and socially and became great friends. The supervisor had become a totally changed man - asking spiritual questions and wondering about the purpose of his life. The two of them were totally opposite  personalities -  even different races, but none of that mattered - it was all about friendship. Rev. Bill battled the inner knowing that he was going to be killed and not able to stop it.

Christmas Tree Miracle Story & How I Got Engaged to My Wife
Sometimes miracles, romance and holidays all go together. This is one of those "Hallmark Christmas Season Moments"! I asked my wife to marry me on December 10th, 1969 in San Francisco. The rest, as they say - is history!

Prodigal Son Returns on Christmas Day - True Story
TRUE CHRISTMAS STORY "PRODIGAL SON"  From my book: "WARRIOR A SPIRITUAL ODYSSEY" Prodigal Son (A Christmas Story)  Several years ago I asked my son Josh, a police officer, to do a kind deed then tell me about it—a story—instead of gifting ‘something material’ for Christmas. My son had been patrolling in his squad car along U.S. Highway 101, just up from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Finding The End of The Rainbow - A Miracle of Healing & Love
Rev. Bill McDonald and his wife take a trip to Mount St. Helens , Washington which becomes a healing journey. They find the actual end of a rainbow and drive under it. Truly a mystical experience.

Killer Holds off Police for 17 Hours - Rev. Bill "talks him into surrendering"
On the morning of November 29th 2012 I was sitting on my sofa drinking some tea and just starting my day off. It had been one of those nights for me when I kind of black out and feel like I am not there. A death like sleep that I sometimes have. No dreaming and no memories or thoughts.

THhsn is a video of me telling about the supernatural nature of that morning and I was credited with saving a PTSD veteran's life.

Surviving The Estes Park Dam Collapse (July 1982) by following Intuition
A summer trip in July 1982 with my children turned out to be one step ahead of disaster for hundreds of miles. Avoided being hit by a tornado in South Dakota, a flash flood in Minnesota, and a dam collapse in Estes Park Colorado. By following my intuition we avoided being killed or injured.   The true accounting of a summer adventure that was "blessed"!


Unexplained Bright Light - Orb/Sphere Experience
Rev. Bill McDonald is "visited" by a small basketball sized "sphere or orb" of bright light. It hovered over him and embraced him with great love and peace. This happened to him on two different occasions 30 years a part.   He felt totally loved and blissed out. The orb exploded into shards of glass like light that penetrated his entire body including the top of his head and forehead and heart area.   He felt that this orb had intelligence and was something that was not only alive but benevolent and gifted him its presence.

Exorcism - 3 Catholic Priests Involved Have Bad Personal Consequences
A relative has strange negative paranormal experiences around her home and her family. This relative contacts a priest to perform a exorcism - the one agrees to do it - and dies before he can do the ceremony. Another priest is contacted and he agrees to do it but after 20 plus years as a priest - he decides out of the blue to leave priesthood and quits being a priest.   So in desperation she asks for my help to rid her of this evil energy and beings. I agree but am half-hearted about it not fully sure if everyone is just delusional. I contact my friend Father Jack from San Jose and drive down to have him give me what I need to do one based on the Catholic exorcism - including gallons of blessed holy water.   Later on this priest had a mental breakdown and was committed to a hospital. Other events and things happen - and my belief in the dark energy of the universe and of evil

Cosmic Rainbow Body Experience - The Ultimate OBE
MESSAGES FROM THE COSMIC RAINBOW  A personal accounting of an OBE - one that is beyond the normal on

The Shadow Man - Did I materialize Two Bodies?
In one of the most bizarre psychic experiences of my life, I share a true life story about "meeting myself" at 3 O'Clock in the morning. A "Shadow Man" merges into my spine and seems to answer my questions as to what happens to me when I go into the darkness of deep sleep.   A video that will either have you asking questions about the universe or about my sanity. Not sure that even I would not be skeptical of this. What truly happened and why are over 100 others trying to say that I have visited them at night or other times of the day around the world. I have been accused of stopping suicides and getting people sober and changing lives - yet I have no memories of these events and cannot make any claims to them.   Was this Shadow Man who merged into my spine actually an alternate self? Is it possible to have "two bodies" and be at two different places at the same time? Or, is this just some kind of very odd out-of-body-experience where the body is still functioning and thinking by itself while the spirit wanders?

Time Traveler My old me talks to my younger self - 45 years Later in Vietnam
Is it possible to travel back in time and also talk with your younger self? I had an experience when I was in Vietnam during the war where I met my older self and had a conversation one night. Then 45 years later I have the experience of going back to that same moment and reliving it but also having that younger self give the older me advice as well.  One early morning hour, I was still awake reflecting on the problems of the Gurunath’s organization, my family, my friends and even my neighbors. I foresaw all kinds of difficulties for lots of these people in my life. I knew that it was their karma and each had to work things out for themselves. But I still found myself “feeling their pain” and concerned that they would be able to handle things. Sometimes I feel and sense too much about others for the good of my own physical health. My heart attacks and the chest pains I have had over the years can testify to this possibility. I really was unsure how several situations would eventually work out for these souls this lifetime. In the higher sense, I knew that eventually it all works out.  As I laid there in bed, I faded out of reality and went into a semi-dream state. I found myself back in Vietnam in 1967. I saw myself as a young man sitting on top of my old helicopter repairing it. I could actually recall this particular day. I had been having some extra heavy combat encounters and our newest door- gunner got killed in a helicopter crash. He saw less than a couple of hours of flying experience. I had personally warned him not to get into that aircraft. I had visions of it crashing and burning. I knew that everyone who flew on it the next time it went out would never come back home alive. This door gunner was one of a few who I tried to warn and protect in Vietnam but all my efforts failed to keep them from their fated destiny.  I was now somehow watching my 21-year-old self-sitting there in the darkness on the runway. My older self of today was also sitting there with the younger me. I remembered that this was what I had experienced that very night in Vietnam. Back then I had an encounter with myself from the future. A more mature and older me was there imparting some wisdom from what I knew from the future. The younger I sat and listened to the older I talk. I heard that I would get out of there alive and eventually the war for me would be over. I reminded my younger self that all things will pass and so would these terrible times.  Then the younger me, reminded the older me that I could not save everyone in combat that I had tried to save because they had their own fates. In the same way, the younger me reminded this older me that I could not save others from their karma now in the future. I could at best, help and assist their learning process and be compassionate. In the end, I was told that each had their own karma to work through no matter how painful it was for me to observe.  I totally remembered this encounter from both the past and the future. The older I then thanked my younger self. My younger self thanked the older me as well. We had both helped each other to help understand what we needed to focus on. It was an experience where I was both my future present self, as well as the young warrior that I long ago remembered I was. I had this conversation as if there were two of us. I then began to fade out and back into the darkness of my bedroom. I was all alone once again but I understood that I could not help change the karmic paths of all my friends and family. I was not responsible. I also knew that everything would work out for them as well, it always does eventually.

OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE - Watching heart procedure from above my body
An unexplained out-of-boy experience during a heart procedure. I was watching myself being operated on from up above my physical body. They used local anesthesia to cut my groin and go through that opening to inset a stent. So my body was fully awake laying on the metal operating table. I was looking down at a wide awake me - that was looking up at me above the table near the ceiling.   When I shifted my attention to my body on the table I could see myself above me looking down - and when I focused my attention on my self that was hovering above my physical form I could see my body below me.   A strange OBE in that I was totally in both places at the same time and wide awake physically while it was happening. I told the surgeon what happened afterwards and he did not doubt it for a moment. I told him that there was a piece of paper on top of one of the medical machines that i saw when I was above the table. He had someone check it out and it was there as I had described it.