Signed Books

How can I get a personally signed book besides meeting you at an official book signing?  You can contact Rev. Bill directly via email  at Huey576@gmail.com for details. By using PayPal  you can directly purchase a book from the Rev. Bill . The price of the book plus S & H 

Personal Questions?

I have lots of spiritual personal questions. Does Rev. Bill work one on one with strangers? I have never met him but have seen his videos and read his books. 

You can contact Rev. Bill on email or on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=735455761

He receives hundreds of requests each day for advice or help from around the world. He cannot reply to them all or even any larger percentage of them -but he reads them all and prays for all of them. If he is so moved or motivated by inner urgings he will send a reply. 

It is suggested that you look through all of his videos and look at his Blog since the subject matter may answer or give you some insights on your situation or questions. When he does live radio shows or video podcasts feel free to type in or send your questions live or even after the fact as he does try to respond to all of those even if it is not on the same day of the broadcast. 

Do you charge veterans for funerals or weddings or other services?

I never ask a military veteran or their families to pay for any services. They are freely given. If the family, or the veteran wishes to donate to help my ministry they can do so but it is not required

Me and my fellow chaplains in The Spiritual Warrior Ministries are self-funded and offer services to all regardless of their faith or religion or even if that do not even believe in God or any organized religions. 

It is about assisting and helping and not spreading dogma and trying to convert anyone to believe as we do. 

Do you give workshops or talks outside of the USA?

Yes I do. I have done workshops, or talks in Germany, England and India. I have been considering long standing invitations from Ireland and Canada. I am currently planning on a return trip back to the United Kingdom in either late 2019 or 2020.

If you have a desire to attend one of my workshops or talks in your country please make that known by sending me an email.  

Are you coming back to Seattle to speak again?

I have spoken in Seattle in the past but it has been over 2 years since I was last there to talk.

I would be open to accepting any invitations from any group that wishes to have me as a guest speaker or wishes to help sponsor a workshop.

I am open to going to any city in the country if there is enough interest. Thank you for asking. Check my schedule from time to time to see where I am going to be.

I have read that you are disabled from old war injuries. Does this limit what you do?

I am officially 90% physically disabled by the VA. I have several ongoing issues including some spinal cord damages and heart issues.

I try to keep upright and maintain an active life schedule. I do not book too many events, as I once did, to avoid over extending my energy. However, I am still upright and kicking and I have too much left to do to slow down too much. 

My body has the issues and hurts - but I am GREAT since I AM NOT THE BODY! 

Who is your spiritual mentor?

I am a member of The Self-Realization Fellowship and have always had Paramahansa Yogananda as my Guru since birth. I, however, follow a living Master/Guru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath. 

Yogiraj follows the same lineage as Yogananda. When I met him in 2008 he told me that he too loved Yoganada.  He told me that  I did not need me to give PY up as my guru. He offered me his personal friendship and spiritual guidance and has healed me spiritually and physically many times. 

Do you ever get mad? I have read your books and watched your videos - it seems you should be angry.

I have had lots of "things: happen to me in my lifetime - from childhood to the war and much more. However, I accept what happens as just "stuff" that happens. I try not to judge it as either good or bad.

I see others as a larger part of myself. I tend to see that spark of good (God) within others. I never hold onto grudges and have learned that forgiveness is a healing balm to my spirit. I am not a saint however, by any imagination. I can be judgmental about politicians in particular. I pray for them all!  

Can we expect a new book soon?

I just published my last book "Alchemy of a Warrior's Heart" September of 2018. I am formulating another book already but not a typical memoir.

The working title of this new self-help book is: "Transformation: Body, Mind & Spirit" , It will deal with what I have discovered and learned about "life stuff"over my 70 plus years of living. Everything from diet and losing weight and using food as medicine - to what I learned about relationships and families. I will touch on spiritual practices and what has worked for myself.

It will be more of about self-discovery and recovery of inner peace kind of book. I hope to have a rough manuscript completed by January of 2020 and get it published that summer.

Did I see you on TV in some old documentary films?

It is very possible as I have work on almost a dozen documentaries in the last 20 years.

The biggest film project that I was honored to be associated with was "In The Shadow of The Blade" which has been shown dozens of times over the years on the Military and Discovery Channels.

I did a short PBS TV video about PTSD that was called "The Art of Healing".

Do you have any advice for me on my marriage problems?

I deal with many couples and individuals who come to me for relationship issues. My door is open but since there are far more people then I can possible handle myself, I am adding a large section of my new book to marriage and relationships.

Realize that you cannot make your happiness dependent on someone "filling in your needs". No one is going to complete you. or make you happy or even unhappy. It is all in your own control. 

My parents hate me because I am gay. How can I handle that rejection?

Your parents are human beings and sometimes we find that they are not perfect. Lots of parents and even siblings have decided that being gay is a sin or worse.

Sometimes you just have to realize that you are never going to change some people's views or judgments on this issue. It is sad to be rejected by the very people who you want to be accepted by.  The truth is that sometimes we have to be realistic in our own expectations of others.

You are not the first to ask this question. There are no magic answers to give you except to love and forgive them and live your own life without guilt or anger. Be true to your self!