Scheduled Events


Elk Grove - Book signing March 23rd

March 23rd , 2019
Book Signing 11am-3 pm

The Art Extravaganza
The Laguna Town Hall
3020 Renwick Ave
Elk Grove CA 95758


California American Legion Legislative Lobbying Day

I will be part of a group pf American Legion Veterans spending the morning and afternoon at the state Capitol in Sacramento, CA. We are going to be going from legislative office to office talking directly to our state senators and assembly members about pending bills and issues related to veterans - from homelessness, jobs, health care, and educational and job opportunities.

Meeting at State Capitol Building
Downtown Sacramento
from 8:30am  - 3:30 pm.
March 20th 2019

Keynote Address - The Inside Edge Foundation

A Keynote talk for the breakfast meeting of The Inside edge Foundation for Education.
Venue: The Pacific Club
             4110 MacArthur Blvd.

               Newport Beach, CA

Wednesday 7:00 am
April 10th 2019

Guests are always welcome to the Foundation meetings
Returning Guests: $45
1st Time Guests: $35

I will be selling and signing books at the event as well.


Alchemy of a Warrior's Heart

Rev. Bill McDonald speaks about his “metaphysical life journey” from near-death experiences, to various out-of-body and supernatural and mysterious events. He includes his time in combat during the Vietnam War, where he was a crew-chief/door-gunner on a Huey helicopter.  He also shares stories from his many trips later in life to India where he encountered many great and powerful holy men and mysterious beings. He talks about love, and miracles and the many sacred things that he has discovered in his seven plus decades of life. He loves to inspire others and let them know that miracles do happen! 

He has written six books, has done over 600 radio, TV, magazine and newspaper interviews over the past twenty years, and currently lectures and hosts transformational workshops around the world and across the USA.  He is a highly decorated combat veteran who has been awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star Medal, The Purple Heart, 14 Air Medals, The Vietnam (RVN) Gallantry Cross and other various medals and military ribbons. 

Rev. Bill works freely giving his time for veteran causes, from veteran homelessness to PTSD. He runs, and is the founder of Spiritual Warrior Ministries—a loose affiliation of chaplains and ministers of many different faiths that is self-funded and helps the veteran community at no charge. He is also founder and past president of The Military Writers Society of America. His belief is that we are all here to love and to serve.

Rev. Bill will share superb descriptions of life lessons learned in the hell of combat to an incredible, miraculous journey home to his truest self. His story is entertaining, spiritually enlightening, inspirational, and filled with guiding wisdom.

Arizona IANDS Lecture Tour - Tucson

Opening lecture for IANDS Speaking Tour

Thursday evening at 6:30 pm
April 11, 2019

Venue: Unity Tucson Church
             3517 Camino Blanco,
             Tucson, AZ
Sponsored by IANDS AZ 

Arizona IANDS Lecture tour - Mesa

Friday evening at 7:00 pm
April 12, 2019

Venue: Unity of Mesa Church
            2700 E. Southern Avenue
            Mesa, AZ


Arizona IANDS Lecture Tour - Sun City West

Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm.
April 14, 2019

Venue: Advent Episcopal
            13150 W. Spanish Garden Drive
            Sun City West, AZ 

Divine Grace Yoga Ashram

I have been invited to come and share stories from my book about my relationship with Gurunath. I am a grateful guest of Swami Sankarananda.

              1437 Bates Road
              Verde, AZ

From April 14th though the 17th.

12th Annual Capitol Veterans Recognition Day Luncheon

I will be delivering both the invocation and benediction for the annual legislative veteran recognition luncheon.  Last year we saw over 350 people attending.  Legislative awards tare presented to veterans who are serving their communities.  

Wednesday June 26th 2019
Venue: Sheraton Grand Hotel
            Downtown Sacramento, CA

Summer Events TBA

Radio Shows and public appearances will be announced - TBA  

Summer Events TBA

Book signings and lectures TBA


I will be delivering the KEYNOTE Address for the International Association of near Death Studies at the 2019 Conference.

I will also be facilitating a workshop focused on veteran issues. This workshop is open to veterans at no charge. Those attending the conference are welcomed - but this particular workshop is opening the door for veterans to come and attend it.

The workshop is entitled: "Miracles in the Foxhole" and will focus on issues related to STEs and NDEs and the military. There will be a FREE download ebook pamphlet on Kindle for anyone who wishes to have the reference materials to read.  I will be posting a link to request a PDF file copy for those who do not have the ability to download ebooks. That link will go up before the conference begins.

There will be a panel to discus military veteran issues related to NDEs and STEs of which I will be helping with.

Time and dates TBA

Location: King of Prussia, PA
Week of August 29th - September 1st 2019