Scheduled Events


Elk Grove Widows Club

I am the honored guest speaker for the May meeting of the Elk Grove Widows Club

Thursday - May 16th 2019
11:30 am
Valley Hi Country Club
Elk Grove CA

Key note talk at their luncheon & a book signing. 

Veteran's Events for Memorial Day - TBA

Details TBA
Sacramento CA 

Veteran's Widow Club - Sacramento, CA

I will be delivering a keynote address at a luncheon for Veteran's Widows Club at the VFW Hall in North Highlands, CA .

DATE: 3 August, 2019

Time: 11:30 am
3300 U Street,
North Highlands, CA 


I will be delivering the KEYNOTE Address for the International Association of near Death Studies at the 2019 Conference.

I will also be facilitating a workshop focused on veteran issues. This workshop is open to veterans at no charge. Those attending the conference are welcomed - but this particular workshop is opening the door for veterans to come and attend it.

The workshop is entitled: "Miracles in the Foxhole" and will focus on issues related to STEs and NDEs and the military. There will be a FREE download ebook pamphlet on Kindle for anyone who wishes to have the reference materials to read.  I will be posting a link to request a PDF file copy for those who do not have the ability to download ebooks. That link will go up before the conference begins.

There will be a panel to discus military veteran issues related to NDEs and STEs of which I will be helping with.

Time and dates TBA

Location: King of Prussia, PA
Week of August 29th - September 1st 2019